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Our goal is BIG.


Founded in 2011, Marathon High is a regional nonprofit program that challenges at-risk teens to train for a 13.1 mile half-marathon in order to develop positive futures. By training week after week for four months, this after-school program allows high school students to develop athletic skills, social skills, self-respect, self-esteem, courage, strength, confidence, healthy lifestyles and a positive direction.


Marathon High is a free after-school program that serves teens of all backgrounds and abilities in grades 9-12. The program is non-competitive — meaning speed does not matter, so we reach teens who don't consider themselves an athlete and are not currently involved in athletics. Marathon High helps students overcome difficulties and obstacles in their lives and allows them to realize that anything is possible with work hard and commitment. 

More than just running, Marathon High also teaches teens the value of teamwork and giving back to others. We support each other, our coaches, and those in our community. We believe that building a strong next generation starts with strengthening the way kids connect to each other and society.

And it's working! To date, we have served more than 1,800 local high school students who have proudly crossed the finish and are realizing that is only the beginning of what they are going to accomplish in life.

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