About Our Founder

Deborah Dunham is a runner and activist at heart whose interest in social, health and youth issues spans much of her career. In addition to being an RRCA certified running coach and an ACE certified personal trainer, Deborah is also the Founder of Girls on the Run of NE Florida, a nonprofit organization that has taught thousands of girls over the course of the last 15 years how to live healthy lifestyles filled with self-esteem and positive choices. During her tenure, she grew the organization to become one of the largest chapters in the country.


Deborah has worked regionally on the problem of declining health with our youth, working specifically to raise awareness and responsibility for empowerment, peer pressure, self-esteem and healthy lifestyles. Dedicated to social responsibility, Deborah has authored numerous articles and presentations raising awareness about health and justice issues for our youth. 


In addition, Deborah has been a competitive runner for 20 years, completed 14 marathons, and numerous triathlons. Over the last decade, she has taught both kids and adults how to lead healthier, more enriched lifestyles. Running has always been a source of inspiration, self-expression and empowerment, and it’s one of her very favorite things to do. Read her story about why she started Marathon High.

Program Coordinator

Ginger Brelsford comes to us with a corporate background in business and finance. As a lifelong runner and athlete who is involved in the Jacksonville community, Ginger is responsible for coordinating our events, races, and fundraisers to support our schools. Ginger says, "I have a strong passion and desire to give back to the community, especially when it involves empowering young people to overcome obstacles and be the very best that they can be. I love and am delighted at the opportunity to support both the mission and vision that are Marathon High."

Our Board of Directors

2019 Board of Directors:

Michelle Baker -- enthusiastic community supporter. Runner, Galloway member, Rotarian, wealth management advisor at Northwestern Mutual. 

Tim Burrows -- executive director of the Winston YMCA; knower of all the fit people in town. 

Deborah Dunham — founder of Marathon High, runner, and woman determined to change the world.

Ed Kelly -- attorney at Rogers Towers, P.A. and making sure we are buttoned-up all the time.

Joy Murphy -- owner of Enjoy Fitness, all-around athlete and motivator who always encourages everyone to smile while running.

Sarah Olson -- co-director of Jacksonville's Galloway program, realtor, and major MH champion.

Larry Roberts -- president of JTC Running, long-time supporter of Marathon High and valuable person in the local running community.

Regina Sooey -- real estate guru, MH sponsor and coach, go-getter, ultra-runner, most enthusiastic person ever. 

Chris Twiggs — national director of Galloway Training Programs, marathoner and crazy ultra-runner.

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