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Parents play an important role in their son/daughter's success with Marathon High. While you're not running the miles for your student, it's crucial that you support him/her along the way. Training for and completing a half-marathon is a big deal!

Here are some of the expectations for parents that we have:

1. Joining Marathon High has to be the student's decision. While it's fine for parents to encourage or suggest them signing up, it's important that students are actively raising their hands and want to be here.

2. Ensure your student has their registration form turned in by September 30 (these will be passed out at information meetings in September -- here is a list of those meeting dates). Practice starts October 8, and each student will need a current physical by then. Most practices take place every Tuesday and Thursday after school, and on Saturday mornings. Students are expected to be at 90% of all practices in order to stay on the team and qualify for the half-marathon.

3. Parents should plan to volunteer with their team regularly throughout the season. This can include working a water station, donating water/Gatorade/healthy snacks, and helping to cheer students on. Your coaches can give you more details on exactly what they need.

4. Parents need to ensure that their student is at practice 10 minutes early and is picked up on time. Check with your coaches to find out what time practice will be over (this will vary on Saturdays). Our coaches are all volunteers, so please do not keep them waiting when practice is over.

5. Please thank your coaches and show them appreciation. They are giving up their free time after school and early Saturday mornings for your son/daughter. 

6. All parents should review our training schedule (your coaches will hand out a final copy during the first week of practice), post it on your refrigerator, and become familiar with what is happening each week. You may need to transport your student to practice and/or races during the season and help carpool with other students if possible. 

7. Give accolades to your student. Running 5, 8, 10, 12 miles is a big accomplishment. Remember how important this is to your student. GIve them a pat on the back, tell them great job, and tell others how proud you are. Also, you should support them by encouraging healthy meals and adequate sleep during the season.

8. Donate, participate in our fundraisers, and help connect us with corporate sponsors. This is how we keep the program running.

9. Join our Volunteer Page on Facebook where we and our coaches will post needs throughout the season. 

Thank you for your help and support!


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