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CLICK HERE to apply to be a coach, running buddy, or race buddy.

Running side by side with teens will change you.


Teachers, school staff members, and community runners who have a heart for mentorship and the ability to make a significant time commitment should consider becoming coaches. Running experience is helpful. Each team has four dedicated coaches and several running buddies.


Qualifications to coach:

-- Must be at least 21 years old.

-- Must be POSITIVE and want to help change the lives of teenagers.

-- Available to run with your team three days a week

-- Must be able to maintain a minimum 14 minute per mile pace (just like our students).

-- Attend coaches’ training (on either date: Saturday, September 28 9:30am-12Noon or Tuesday, October 1 5:00-7:00pm).

-- Submit background check (if non-school employee).

-- Attend end-of-the-season coach meeting.

-- Commit to showing up BIG for your students from October through February. This is not a program for adults to just run -- coaches are expected to actively engage with students, support them, and mentor them every step of the way.


Marathon High will provide the following for your team:

Training for all coaches

Registration fliers

Day-by-day training plan to follow

Team shirts and hoodies to each student and coach

Running shoes for those students in financial need

Free half-marathon entry for students and discounted entry for coaches

Ongoing support


Coaching details:

Each school will have four coaches (two coaches must be staff members from the school; the others can also be staff members or community volunteers). Coaches must be willing to actively coach students at each practice, train with the students and run with them on race days. Most importantly, they should be enthusiastic, outgoing, organized, and committed to making this a life-changing experience for the students. We look for strong leaders and excellence with our coaches. All coaches will apply for a position and sign an agreement about their duties.


Coaching time commitment:

Coaches should be able to commit to leading three practices a week:

— 1-hour practices after school twice a week; and…

— Saturday mornings for 1-3 hours (Saturday runs start at 2 miles and gradually increase to 12 miles by the end of the season).

— Teams also attend at least two community races during the season with their team in addition to the half-marathon.

-- All coaches are expected to run with students at practice and races. No coach or student should ever run alone or at their own pace.


Because each school has several coaches, you will have plenty of support and flexibility.


Running Buddies

Don’t have the time to be a full-time coach? We also look for Running Buddies to come to the Saturday long runs to run with, motivate, and support our students. Please note, running buddies are not official coaches and do not qualify for all perks. 

Race Buddies

Are you a good organizer? We need one volunteer per team to help coordinate our students' participation in community races and the half-marathon. This includes getting them registered, picking up their race packets, coordinating a bus for transportation to the race if necessary, taking attendance on race day, riding the bus with the students, and being a big cheerleader for them on race day. Ideal for a school staff member who doesn't want to run or have time to coach.

* Please note: Applying to be a coach does not guarantee you a position. Non-school employees will try to be placed on an as-needed basis with a school that is close to you depending on student enrollment. Thank you!



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