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Congratulations Class of 2023!

Marathon High is proud to award $5,000 total in scholarships this spring to graduating seniors. Up to ten deserving students will receive $500. Scholarships will be payable directly to the school of enrollment, for post-high school education in two- or four-year colleges, trade schools, or fine arts programs.


To qualify, students must graduate from high school this year, have completed at least the 2022-2023 Marathon High season including the 2023 Donna Half-Marathon, and be college ready. Applications are available to download here and through your Marathon High coach.

Download scholarship application here:

2023 College Scholarship Application

*Deadline is April1st -- must be received no later than that date. Winners will be announced by April 17.

We believe that completing Marathon High and a half-marathon is an achievement that requires commitment, perseverance, focus and determination -- all qualities required to succeed in college. These same inner qualities discovered by our students through their efforts in Marathon High will also carry them far in life.

It is with pride in their accomplishments and excitement for their future that we are offering these scholarships, which would not happen without the tremendous support and generosity of our supporters and our community.

Good luck, seniors! We will miss you, but you will forever be an important part of Marathon High, and you are always welcome to come back and run with us. #MH4Life

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