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Don't just take our word for it, look at what our students have to say about Marathon High:

"When I first walked in to the Marathon High meeting three years ago, I thought I was getting an after-school activity and nothing more. But instead, I stumbled upon one of the greatest accomplishments in my high school career as well as the place where my character developed and where I learned to love myself and the world around me." ~MH student

"Running with Marathon High taught me what real commitment and determination was. The people I met during these years have really made a mark on me. They have pushed me to do the very best that I can, especially the coaches. Always encouraging me to do better and helping set an example for others. In running, there are no shortcuts to getting better. There is only tough and grueling training. I saw this, and it clicked in my head that there are no real shortcuts in life that accompany a true feeling of success. So I transferred that into my high school life and became a better student. No more late assignments and last-minute projects. I put forth the best effort I could and it truly showed. My peers took notice and I received praise. I became addicted to the feeling of success and began to feed the fire within me." ~MH student

"When I first joined Marathon High I didn't even think it was possible for me to run 1 whole mile, so running 13.1 just seemed ridiculous. But constantly getting up every Saturday morning, and constantly running every day, and doing what I thought couldn't be done helped me build the self confidence, mental and physical endurance that I had to utilize while going through basic training for the Marine Corps. If I hadn't joined Marathon High, I highly doubt that I would have had the confidence to get through many of the obstacles that I faced in boot camp. Doing something that you didn't know that you could do, such as running a half marathon helps build confidence. And that goes back to the very first mile that I ran with Marathon High, I didn't even know that I could do that." ~Private Michael Leathers, Marathon High graduate from Lee HS and U.S. Marine


"Marathon high is affecting my life because for once in my life I feel like I'm a part of a team. I've never been the one to be into sports or any form of physical activities, but not because I didn't think I would be good at it, but for different insecurities within myself. I'm SO happy I made the decision because in Marathon High everyone is different, yet we're one. We encourage one another and the feeling is amazing! I look forward to each and every practice and I know that I will join again next year!" ~MH student

"I adore Marathon High, it makes me feel like I'm a part of something bigger than myself. I feel involved in my community, as if I'm running for a purpose besides myself. Exercise has been a huge part of my life, but now, I feel like it is my life. After every run, I feel fantastic; I feel like I'm on cloud nine. Marathon High has shown me how much support you can receive, as well as how much support can be given to others. I love Marathon High, it has already changed my life." ~MH student

“I learned never give up and that anything is possible. we are capable of so much more than we could have ever imagined.” ~MH student


"Now I am empowered to do things I never thought I could do." ~MH student


"MH gave me an opportunity to meet incredible people and motivational coaches that pushed me to do something I never dreamed possible -- run a 1/2 marathon!" ~MH student


"Our team started out as strangers and in the end we became a family." ~MH student


"I never ever thought that I would be able to run more than 1 mile, and today I ran 8! Joining Marathon High has taught me a lot of discipline because you can't just skip out when you don't feel like doing it; you have to stay on schedule and push through. Along the same lines, it has taught me dedication, determination, and perseverance. I think about what I'm doing all of this for and it keeps me going until I see the finish line. Marathon High has built bonds for me, and also given me a new sense of pride in myself."  ~MH student


"Marathon High provides the perfect opportunity to overcome adversity in my life. I have flat feet. My whole life, people told me that I wouldn't be a runner. I believed them, too. One day, though, I knew that I could overcome this, but I was too intimidated do join regular sports at school. Then, I found marathon high. It was the perfect place where I could run in a safe and supportive environment with a like-minded group of people. Today, I love to run, and Marathon High has shown me a healthy habit that will stay with me the rest of my life."  ~MH student


"Being in Marathon High makes me feel like a better person, and I can conquer anything. I just have to put my mind to it. I love Marathon High because I get run off my bad energy that I have." ~MH student


"Before Marathon High I never thought I would be involved in any type of physical or active club during my high school year. Thankfully, I took the big decision to join in and the commitment to stick with it. I discovered that I love running and that maybe taking that first step takes everything out of me, but those that come after it makes me feel like I can take any challenge in front of me. Running fills me with confidence, and I stay so much calmer and focused during my daily tasks. Plus, it gives me something to look forward after the week because nothing compares to the feeling after you complete your goal...I guess it's one of the perks of being a runner!" ~MH student


"I'm not in Marathon High anymore, but I have a friend who is. And I hear every day how she is getting better and faster. Just the other day I was scrolling through Facebook and saw her post on how much Marathon High has made her feel better and more confident in herself."  ~MH student


"I've been a much more focused and positive person since I started running and I've also been better at managing my time as well, so basically running is the best thing I've done!"  ~MH student


"Marathon High gave me a family outside of my own. This may not be as long as the rest but it has strong meanings. It brought a major problem like breast cancer to my eyes, and I want to cap off my senior year with yet another finish in the Donna marathon. I love the atmosphere because it makes me feel like my attendance actually makes a difference. That's how Marathon High has changed my life."  ~MH student


"This year, I decided it was time to dedicate something special to honor my grandmother, who is now 2 years cancer free. I plan to run because she taught me to make every moment, step, and minute count. Marathon High will allow me to run 13.1 miles in honor of the passion, and strength as well as laughter and joy my grandmother has given me in life. She has taught me to laugh in the face of adversity, and to run toward a life of hope and love. It is with Marathon High that I run toward life's hardships, look fear in the face and conquer it, just as my grandmother did when she won her fight against cancer."  ~MH student


"The longest distance I had ever ran was a 5k and these guys were talking about 13.1 miles! Marathon High showed me that I could, and I realized just how much of a mental sport running was. Not only that, but the "I can" mentally from running followed me everywhere."  ~MH student


"This program unlocked an unreached level in my life. Never would I have guessed I'd run a half-marathon...ever. And now I love running, which is amazing considering how much I formerly used to hate it. Now I'm capable of so much've impacted my senior year more than anything else." ~MH student


"I am thankful for this program to exist because I am in a rough patch of depression because of my family and everything that happened around me. I disliked going home; it was nothing but chaos. To be honest, I didn't like running until this, but the more I run, I feel better about myself and the stress I had inside of me was releasing one by one. Thank you for creating Marathon High. It's one of the best experiences." ~MH student

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