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Student Criteria


Marathon High students must be in 9th-12th grade at a participating public high school or be home-schooled and able to attend practices at a participating school. This is not a track or cross-country team where speed and competition will be emphasized. Although, this is not a walking program either, and students must be able to maintain a minimum 14:00 minute pace per mile to continue.

*Student sign-ups will take place in September. See your team’s coach then.


In order to participate, students must:

  -- Attend practice three times a week (two weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings) from October through February.

  -- Provide a current and valid doctor's physical with sign off for physical activity. 

  -- Be committed to the Saturday long runs every week (running for 30 minutes at the beginning and building up to 2-3 hours by the end of the season).

 -- Arrange transportation to and from practice.

 -- Participate in several community races during the season with all MH teams to support each other and run together including a half-marathon at the end of the season.

 -- Maintain a minimum 14 minute pace at all runs.

 -- Raise money (at least $25) for MH future students.

 -- Have a positive, can-do, supportive attitude with yourself, your teammates and your coaches.


In exchange for completion of the program, you will receive:

— team shirt & hoodie

— sneakers for those in financial need (on free/reduced lunch)

— discounted race entries to community 5K/10Ks

— free race entry to the Donna Half-Marathon

---- the prestigious title of Marathon High Finisher


*Quitting or lack of attendance does not entitle students to these awards, and any items given will need to be returned if a student drops out.


Marathon High is a privilege, and students’ participation is paid for by community sponsors, so we take the commitment seriously.


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