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Here at Marathon High, we believe everyone should know about the awesome work we do in the community. So we are in need of two fabulous summer interns to do just that.



— You and your co-intern will set up a Marathon High information tent at 7-8 local races/events this summer. You will transport a large tent, table, banners, and other promotional items and set these up.


— Talk to as many people as possible at these events about Marathon High, hand out fliers, and sell our shirts and hoodies. We will supply you with all items.


— Encourage people to get involved with Marathon High through coaching, volunteering, starting a team at their high school, becoming a sponsor, and/or attending our fundraising events.


-- Take photos at these events and promote Marathon High on social media.


-- We will track and measure your progress with our social media stats, website views, and number of people who contact us after each event.



-- Must be extremely outgoing, personable, and willing to chat with anyone (you’re talking about how awesome Marathon High is, so this should be easy).


-- Must be a current Marathon High junior or senior student or graduate, and you have completed the program for at least one year. You must also have great references from your coaches, and have reliable transportation to and from each event (that can fit the tent, table, boxes, etc.). Do not even consider applying if you might flake out and not show up on time to your assigned events or quit during the summer (that's very uncool).


Pay: Yes, we pay! We want to reward you for your hard work, and we only want students who are professional at this job. Pay is $50 per event. This includes 4 hours at the event and travel time to get there (all events are in the Jacksonville area). In addition, you will get tons of accolades and the opportunity to help us grow MH into something even bigger (hello: resume builder). Oh, and you must also be willing to have fun while doing this (is there any other way to work?).


Time commitment: You should be able to commit to 7-8 events from June-August -- most will be early Saturday mornings (like, 7am), but 1-2 may be a weekday evening or Saturday evening. We will give you a list of the events that we want you to work.


Awesome! Email Jackie Culver, Executive Director, at and tell her why you’d be the best intern ever. Sell us on YOU. The deadline to apply is Friday, May 25. Oh, and don't send something that includes spelling or grammatical errors. Please.

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